Poems in anthologies

Prater, D., ‘O’Dowd seeks Whitman’, ‘1001 Nights’, ‘She finds her speed’, J. Kinsella (ed.), The Turnrow Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry (Turnrow Books: Monroe, LA, 2014).

Prater, D., ‘Abstract Moon’, ‘Spring*’, ‘Kus’ (translated into Macedonian), Struga Poetry Evenings Anthology (Struga: Macedonia, 2011).

Prater, D., ‘Sunbathing’, ‘Oz’ ‘Lady Land’, ‘Lurker’, ‘A821.4’, F. Plunkett (ed.), Thirty Australian Poets (University of Queensland Press: Brisbane, 2011).

Prater, D., ‘Cute’, J. Tranter (ed.), The Best Australian Poems 2011 (Black Inc.: Melbourne, 2011).

Prater, D., ‘(On The Tomb Of) Agnes Smedley’, ‘I couldn’t agree with you, more’, K. Andrews (ed.), Miscellaneous Voices: Australian Blog Writing 1 (Miscellaneous Press: Melbourne, 2010).

Prater, D., ‘Avalon V’, ‘Inna’, T. Swift (ed.), Future Welcome: the Moosehead Anthology X (DC Books: Montreal, 2005).

Prater, D., ‘Kyoto crow(s)’, T. Swift (ed.), In the Criminal’s Cabinet (nthposition: London, 2004).

Prater, D., ‘In a Dim Sea Nation’, M. Duwell (ed.), The Best Australian Poetry 2003 (University of Queensland Press: Brisbane, 2004).

Prater, D., ‘Ken’, ‘Ma Sonic’, ‘Last Night Betty’, T. Swift and P. Norton (eds), Short Fuse: The Global Anthology of Fusion Poetry (Rattapallax Press: New York City, 2002).

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